Monday, September 20, 2010

About this Blog

Traveling is so much fun! I never did it much as a kid. My first plane ride was an NJROTC trip in high school. Did I mention I joined NJROTC to get to go on the trip? Once I got old enough to get a job and a passport.... faaaagetaaboutit...I wanted to travel as much as I could.

First comes love, then come marriage, well you know the rest. I was not about to let kiddos slow me down, and since they are so stinkin' cute I never wanted to leave them behind. Needless to say my little ones are well traveled and have a passport picture that makes even the meanest customs guy smile.

Traveling with kids is not the easiest or most relaxing, but it is a lot of fun. I had so many questions when I first started traveling with the first baby. You definitely learn from experience. Now I feel like a seasoned pro.... well sort of.

My purpose for starting this blog is to start documenting our travels as well as share tips on what you need to have, do, bring, be when traveling with kiddos.

Our next trip is a little more than a month away. Excitement is building around the house. Last year we went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for two weeks. My oldest was three and the youngest was one..... and not yet walking. We had such an amazing time because Buenos Aires was so kid friendly and the exchange rate made it very economical compared to Europe. Since there were so many parts of Argentina and near by countries that we did not get to see, we decided to go back this year. The exchange rate is still pretty good so we decided to make our trip this year one month long. Shew... Wish us luck.

And so this begins our journey........


moondancenovel said...

Can't wait to read your updates about your trip! Y'all have fun... let me know if traveling brings out the teacher in you. I can never leave that "part" of me behind! :)

Judith said...

Bonne chance!

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

What an amazing gift you are giving your girls! Their world will be bigger and richer for it. I'm so excited for you, and OF COURSE I'll be following along as you blog!!